Arstechnica sold to Wired

by ian on May 19, 2008

According to this report at techcrunch was sold to Conde Nast’s The price does not appear to be disclosed, but techcrunch quotes the sale price at a reported US$25 million in cash.
If this indeed were the case, it does make the sale of the network of blogs to Aol for a reported US$25 million look like a bargain. Amongst other popular blogs, weblogsinc included, and others like and is clearly the leading blog in the technology field
engadget is the no 1 blog according to technorati, arstechnica is ranked number 7 on technorati.
the alexa rating for engadget is 382 considerably higher than arstechnica’s 2,382 does the advantage of having a forum with over 9 million posts, which makes it the 13th largest computer hardware forum in the world according to

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