dreamlife.com domain sells for US$171,750

by ian on June 23, 2007

This was one of the more impressive domain auctions I have seen at snapnames.com Dreamlife.com selling for US$171,750 at snapnames, my first impression was, whoever paid that much for this domain must be bonkers, well turns out it was bonkerstwo, the undefeated king of domain auctions who has access to what seems like an unlimited flow of cash on tap. I think it is overpriced. Inevitably some kind of parking page will pop up, and of course the ppc revenue will come nowhere close to matching the price paid for the domain, well at least I dont think so. So what is the strategy for a domain like this? overture shows that it has a search volume of 556 with the extension. Their is a hasbro game called dreamlife. Then of course there is the branding potential of a name like this, good for a film production company, dreamlife studios, or perhaps a challenger to the incredibly popular secondlife.com

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