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by ian on June 18, 2007

Well Project X from Jason Calacanis was finally released, it was a human powered search engine.  Mahalo means thank you according to a post he made a while back. I have nothing but respect for Jason Calcanis and what he has achieved.  I have to admit that my first impressions of the new site were not really good.  But then I usually have a clear plan of having things being close to profitable within several months of launch. This site appears to have a lot of venture capital behind it due to his strong connections in those circles.  Also have to admire the amount of press that he can generate for the site launch.

If I am being honest, I just dont like the site, I dont like the name, I dont like the colors.  I dont like the main page with all those pictures which comes close to looking something like a domain parking page, something which everyone on the internet hates, well at least I do. I would have gone for a more cooler color scheme, none of that overdone web 2.0 look, and I would have gone for the simplistic look, much like google, site name, search bar, and then some of the major headings of the important categories. All things said and done, I am not a Jason Calacanis hater, I am a big fan, I was expecting something more like what he had done with etc Anyhow I hope becomes a success.

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