Moniker sells domains for US$4.3 million

by ian on March 9, 2007

According to a post at domainnamewire, moniker sold domains at an auction totalling US$4.3 million. was the highest selling domain at US$650,000. sold for US$350,00 although I think would be worth more. The domain that struck me as being a bargain was at $225,000. Apart from being short for extra terrestrial and the name of one of steven spielberg’s most famous movies et, it is also the commonly known abbreviation for entertainment tonight. It will be interesting to see who the buyer turns out to be.
Another interesting sale is This domain was purchased in 2005 for US$100,000 which at the time appeared to be quite a high price for such a domain. Well at the moniker auction, it was on sold for US$275,000. It is not sure whether the site was included with the domain name. The site has a PR5 and an alexa ranking of 25,250 which is fairly respectable, so it is hard to assess what was paid for the actual domain and site components.

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