record february income – $7,011.05

by ian on March 2, 2007

Looks like John Chow has done it again and outdone himself to beat last months blogging income of US$3,440.66. For the month of february, the shortest month of the year, he has managed to double his previous months income, to a record $7,011.05 which is not bad for a blog. I am sure once he breaks the technorati top 100, his income will hit the five figure mark, not to mention all the cool gifts he will probably be receiving in the mail.
His income from was one of the top earners for his blog. There have been quite a few reviewme reviews of late which does have the potential to turn readers off, but not me, I am happy to see that he is making more money, and I dont mind reading a few advertising type posts in between the content.

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