Unbanned from Digg

by ian on February 26, 2007

Well a few days ago, in my review of John Chows blog, one point I mentioned as being highly unfair was what at the time seemed like a permanent banning of his blog from digg. Well it appears that JohnChow is now allowed back on digg according to this post. There are a lot of players in the social media space, notably netscape.com and technorati WTF which has recently launched. In my opinion, Digg can no longer rely on its position of supremacy and ignore the valuable traffic that popular bloggers like John Chow can deliver. Neil Patel posted a list of members who were also unbanned from Digg,  which includes, text link ads, v7n. digital point, etc.
According to techcrunch, the ban had been lifted as digg has implemented a way to detect group voting and prevent such voting from driving pages to the digg homepage.

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