Google Adsense Referral Program – Increased payouts

by ian on February 4, 2007

According to the jensense website, Google look to be changing their payment structure for google referrals so that you earn US$5 when the person you refer earns US$5, and also if they earn US$100 within the 180 days, you earn US$250. The details are not confirmed by google yet and do not appear on the google website, but Jennifer Slegg is a well known figure in the world of contextual advertising,  so I am only assuming that she has received some information from Google on the changed payment structure. Now what I would like to also see is a 88×31 button ad option, this is a very popular ad size, so I have no idea why they did not adopt it, instead the smallest graphic ad they have is 110×32 as below.

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