Youtube plans to share revenue with video producers.

by ian on January 31, 2007

The worlds most popular internet video site, plans to share revenue with the creators of the unique video content that powers the site. Youtube users watch a reported 70 million videos per day. This factor, together with increases in technology that powers the internet, could have the capacity to revolutionise our entertainment, and make the US$1.65 billion that google paid for the site, look like good value. A lot of people thought US$580 million was a lot to pay for, now people look upon it as a bargain.  Actually, I think the recent announcement by google, is a bid to stop companies like from stealing youtube’s market supremacy. Unless they keep tide with what competitors are offering, they could possibly see their investment worth a fraction of what they paid. Although there are no firm details on how they will share revenue, it will probably be in the form of adwords/adsense ads.  More details can be found here.

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