Performancing/PayperPost deal off

by ian on January 5, 2007 had intentions to purchase a part of which appeared to be unprofitable and was rumored to be shut down by Performancing. However, the deal did not go ahead, and after reading this article at Techcrunch, you will see why it is always a good idea to keep the transactions of any deal secret, until they are fully complete. On payperposts side, their credibility could be somewhat dimished and they could be taken less seriously in future negotiations. On the side of well, their chances for the sale of the side of the business they were trying to sell, is also diminished, as other potential buyers would be asking the reason why payperpost pulled out of the deal. Another very important reason to keep the details of any deal secret until they are set in concrete, is you dont want some other party entering into negotiations and you being gazumped.

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