Top Affiliate Challenge

by ian on July 11, 2008

Watching episode 9 really ticked me off. Eliminating John Chow was the final straw. I think it should be made clear, that the real [insert profanity here] in this whole show is one of the producers, Thor Shrock.
Seriously, you hold a contest like that, and expect every contestant to put forward all of their own resources and cash. Each contestant should have been allocated a set budget and to a certain extent be put on an equal playing field. It should have been as simple as that.
I dont know all of the details, but lets say the contestants on team are not prepared to fork out their hard earned cash to participate in the challenge. Why do you point the finger at John Chow. Do you expect him to put his hand in his pocket and fork out his own personal cash to support the producers of the show? Get Real.
Only one person could win the show, that is a fact. John Chow, assessed the member on his team who would most likely win due to his connections with an experienced and successful affiiate marketer. He adopted what looked like a reasonable strategy, to not use any sponsorship money which he solicited early on, but instead use it in the later challenges.
It is the affiliate challenge for the members, they are the ones meant to make the money, not the guru’s. So did John Chow tie their hands to a chair and stop them from making any money? If they did not approve of his strategy, they could have made money and won the challenge for their team. Shoemoney himself commented after the first episode how little his team had contributed.
Besides anyone with any degree of intellect can see the whole show is a complete joke, it is not a top affiliate challenge, it is just a gambling contest of how much each person/team is willing to gamble their personal savings for a chance of winning half of the final profits. I still don’t know where the other half goes to. In any fair contest, you put all contestants on a level playing field, and test their skills. Also the fact that they did not clearly define the rules at the start and kept changing the rules as they felt like it, makes the show an even bigger joke.
Their is no glory to the winner of the top affiliate challenge, whoever wins has just bought their hollow victory. The prize is equally as lame.
And since this is akin to a gambling contest, spare a thought for all of the contestants who have gambled their personal money and lost.
Yes the real villain here is the shows producer, Thor Schrock, not John Chow as has been portrayed.
John Chow is an intelligent funny guy, who also happens to be quite charitable as well. This will not affect John Chow, who will no doubt continue to go on to do bigger and better things. As one of his loyal supporters who enjoys reading his blog, my regard for him has not diminished.

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