Top Affiliate Challenge

by ian on July 6, 2008

Well, I am one of the few people who will say I actually like watching the topaffiliatechallenge show.
The show is a mess and I get the feeling it might not last the entire three weeks it is meant to.
The things I like about the show are.
1. Im a John Chow and Jeremy Schoemaker fan, so it is good to see them on the show, even though Jeremy has had to withdraw from the show due to the birth of his daughter, there is a chance that he may continue to make guest appearances.
2. Monica Durazo, the host of the show is a real hottie. People have commented negatively on her presenting skills, but she makes the show interesting.

Ok that is just about all I like about the show.
The things I dont like about the show are
1. Being an affiliate challenge, they should have probably had guru’s that were more highly into affiliate marketing, off hand, Paul Borque from and Ahmit Mehta from are two people that come to mind.
2. Very very very poorly managed, they seem to be making up and also changing the rules as they go along. From day one, they should have made the rules, conveyed those rules to the participants and guru’s and stuck to them. They should have secured funding from affiliate companies, so that each team for each episode was given a set amount of money and had to grow that money via affiliate marketing, perhaps even nominated the niche for each challenge. The way it is now, it is a complete disaster, I fully agree with Ian Fernando’s comments here. I would have liked to see Ian win the challenge, but really the rules are total garbage, anybody can use their personal funds, make a loss and win the individual challenges, seriously where is the challenge in that. To be asked to put your own funds in for each challenge is completely ridiculous. That should have been secured from sponsors.
3. The videos are poorly hosted and take forever and a day to load.
4. Dodgy challenges, one of which was to see how much spam you can do within an hour, that was in poor taste.

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Monica Durazo July 12, 2008 at 1:45 am

Thank you so much for saying something positive. Really, really, REALLY appreciate it!

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