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by ian on May 26, 2008

I read this post over at 1938media today. Now, I am not familiar with the service, in that I have never used it. But here are my thoughts.
1. They really need to find a way to monetize the site. I dont like their prospects as google from what I have read are having a hard time making any money from youtube. Looks to me, that they are using VC money and hoping for an acquisition.
2. They need to give members or users of the site member pages with their own URLS eg And track comment views and perhaps even some fancy stats on which sites the comment views came from. Also give them the ability to link back to their own website via URL and graphics, that is ability to link back to in this case.
3. could easily adopt something like this and blow seesmic out of the water.
I think on the main seesmic page, they should give an incentive to publishers, a leaderboard for websites which has the most video comment views, perhaps even a directory which ranks publishers by categories. This at least may give publishers an incentive to use the service.
4. They should listen to Loren Feldman’s comments about the horrible color scheme on their mainpage and that they should not use flash. Also a link on the homepage to a page saying “About how we’re building the business” which links to a page looks like a bad move for a site that is meant to be about delivering video themselves.
5. Their site development looks to be taking way too long. This seesmic review was posted on December 2007 and they are still in beta mode nearly 6 months later.

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Loic May 27, 2008 at 1:54 am
ian May 27, 2008 at 7:34 am

I admitted to not having used the service, I am not a video person myself. After watching a bit of the demo video, I did notice members had profile pages, and good to see you changed the color scheme, you only have to see all the most successful sites on the internet to realise that was a good move.
Having seen the service being trashed for some time, seeing it for the first time on techcrunch, my first reaction was wow, this really is cool and revolutionary.
On you find people posting video responses to other videos all the time. I think you should be analysing that demographic and targeting your service to them. I would also never underestimate the importance of stats appearing on the profile page as an incentive for people to use the site more.

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